The FHM is a private, non-profit, and state-approved University of Applied Sciences. The FHM was founded in 2000 by medium-sized enterprises and educational institutions. Since then, it has developed into one of the most successful private universities in Germany with a strong focus on the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. The FHM’s goal is to provide students with necessary theoretical and hands-on skills for their later business career. The FHM’ concept focuses on practical career orientation, individual tutoring, and small group sizes.

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Effebi Association is an Italian non-profit organisation set up in 1978. The Board of Directors is composed by HR and training Managers from the main Italian Banks. Effebi organises a variety of activities in the field of Human Resources and Organisational Development mainly for the banking and financial sector. Through its work, the Association strives to enhance the exchange of good practices and knowledge and collaboration with other organisations at national, European and International level.

At international level, EFFEBI is founder member of EBTN - European Banking and Financial Services Training Association keeping significant relationships with other Institutions, Associations, Universities, Colleges, Enterprises and Bodies active in the field of HR Management and Development. EBTN is a member of the Financial Literacy Committee aimed at upgrading the financial literacy of citizens through financial education. In addition, it is a Member of European forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) that is one of the leading European-wide professional associations which has been created by, and for, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers.
At national level, Effebi is Member of FEDERMANAGEMENT - Italian Federation of Management’s Associations - which promotes the renewal of the managerial and leadership culture and cope with the globalisation and the digital revolution. It also contributes to the collaboration and exchange of ideas and best practices among the Members; improves managerial culture, also beyond professional roles.

Finally, Effebi is the main promoter and Founding Member of the Centre for Research and European Studies - Future Business (CRES). CRES aims to realise studies, research and European projects in order to improve active citizenship and promote European Policies in Education and Training areas. CRES is composed of 29 members from 15 European Countries and is active in different sectors, ensuring a high-quality level and an interdisciplinary approach.


Alessia Spatafora

Annalisa Contu


UNINETTUNO is an International Telematics University with six faculties and more than 15.000 students from more than 165 countries enrolled to its courses, which are provided in 6 languages through its e-learning platform. The distance courses have been also broadcasted using the web-tv and the satellite channel UninettunoUniversity.TV. The didactic programs include degree courses and masters for the following faculties: Engineering, Law, Economics, Psychology, Literature and Communication Sciences. In addition, the University offers several VET courses and up to 220 MOOC courses, being one of the largest MOOC providers in Europe. UNINETTUNO students can attend the university with no limits of space and time. Actually, with UNINETTUNO, teaching and learning spaces are no longer only lectures halls, but also open spaces, museums, cultural centers, workplaces, students’ homes, cybercafés. Anywhere in the world, you can choose whether to study in Italian, Arabic, English, French and Greek, on television and on the Internet, and earn a study title acknowledged in Italy, in Europe and in some Mediterranean countries.  

UNINETTUNO has always made of internationalization one of its main strategic pillars and today, with its students coming from 167 countries across the world, it really is a global university without boundaries. Presently, UNINETTUNO has 257 agreements, on the whole, with universities of the entire world. Some examples: Argentina, Azerbaijan, China, Colombia, Ghana, Japan, Guatemala, Hong Kong (China), Mongolia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Norway, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, United States of America, Vietnam, beside the most important countries of the Arab World and of the European Union. “According to our University – the Rector, Maria Amata Garito, says - dialogue among cultures is not a utopia: the experience gained confirms that it is possible to share curricula and create, jointly with universities of countries having different political and cultural backgrounds, common paths for reflection and thinking.”


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Ekopotencjał Foundation was founded in 2013 in order to implement activities for the broadly understood ecological education, environmental protection and development. It is made up of a group of graduates of the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences of the University of Wroclaw who have professional experience in environmental protection, ecological education, tourism and spatial management. 

Foundation Ekopotencjal services in fields of nonformal ecological education of children, youth and adults. We educate by the action to rise ecological awarness of community. We work “at the roots” with children, adults, officers, teachers, activists. We educate by digital tools and workshops, lectures, events, happenings focus on waste segregation, upcycling, zero waste lifesyle, circular economy, climate change, small retention, biodiversity.


Danuta Łukasińska


Energie Impuls OWL sets impulses for future energies in the OWL region. For the further development of future energies, Energie Impuls OWL brings together more than 100 members with a wide range of expertise. Energie Impuls OWL coordinates and moderates this knowledge network by organizing hands-on workshops and working groups as well as high-profile specialist events, and by acting as an ambassador for future energies in project partnerships with associations, institutions, and committees. The work topics are broad and range from digitization, construction, increasing energy efficiency and integrating renewable energies to career orientation for a qualified next generation of specialists in the field of energy competence.


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PAIZ Konsulting has been providing training services for adult learners, SMEs and large organisations since 1997, focusing on solutions enhancing knowledge increase and effective change implementation in skills, behaviours and attitudes on individual as well as organisational level. We have served almost 10 000 learners from Poland and other European countries who participated in its educational events. PAIZ has significant experience in coordination and implementation of projects (co)financed from the European Structural Fund, European Social Fund, Lifelong Learning and Erasmus+. We are currently involved in several Erasmus+ projects: "Too Good To Go - Waste Free Economy Transformation for SMEs“, “GoBeEco - Gamification of eco-friendly habits in adult education”, “THENOVA - Theater-based training for supporting innovations in enterprises”, “MobiLEx - Mobile learning system for reinforcing skills retention” and “REMOWA - Remote working management skills for HR professionals“.

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